SeaNav Simulation

Experience all SeaNav's navigation features at home. Slide the setting switch on (right) to position you at sea ready to navigate our demo route and try out the features below. You can also read these instructions on a web page using the following link Demo guide. Useful to have open to read on your laptop or other device at the same time as running this demo on your iPad or iPhone.

N.B. Slide the switch back to return to normal use. Sliding it off and then on again will position the demo route at the beginning again.


Your initial position is shown by a blue dot and you are stationary. Zoom in by pinching outwards on the screen if you can't see the position clearly. Tap the Sailboat icon to start sailing the demo route and for the first minute just sit back and observe. Your position will change to show on the chart as a boat icon with a heading and speed vector. The vector shows where you will be in 2 minutes time. Check the Head Up Display at the top of the screen to see details on your Next waypoint, your course over ground (COG), speed over ground (SOG), Vector Made Good (VMG), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Distance and bearing to next Waypoint and current Latitude and Longitude. Keep sailing for 40s or so. An audible alarm will sound as you reach the first waypoint and routing automatically moves onto the next waypoint. After about another 20s or so the demo then changes the ships course to track to the next waypoint.

Live AIS ship data will also be shown on the chart(subject to an internet connection) and potential collison targets will flash if any are detected. Don't worry, although these are real boats in real time, they will not be aware of your demo boat.

N.B. When not in demo mode you need the SeaNav Pro upgrade or Boat Beacon - AIS Marine Navigation to see the AIS ship data.

Augmented Reality View

Next, tap the "eye" icon at the top left to switch AR mode on, then tilt your device up to see a demo camera view of the scene with real-time buoys and boats around you. In non-demo mode this would be the live view from your iPhone or iPad camera. As you turn round and view buoys and ships, their name, range and bearing will popup when they are in the center of the view. You can also tap on them to get more information. Tilt back down to see the map view. Tapping the "eye" icon again turns AR mode off. You can pinch to zoom the map or camera views.

In AR mode our unique "AR Lock On" feature lets you select a ship or buoy on the map view and then easily locate it in the Camera view using a grey arrow to tell you which way to turn to spot it when its not directly in view.

Your course (yellow line) and route to next waypoint (blue line) will also be visible overlayed on the camera view. Turn in the direction of the blue arrow to find your route.

Ships are color coded based on their type e.g. Sailing boats are white, Pleasure Craft magenta, etc. See the Map Legend for full details. A vector points forward showing where each boat will be in 2 minutes time based on its current Speed and Course. Ships move in real time across the map and in the AR view.

Tap on a ship or buoy to get more information and tap on the right arrow to get even more including speed, course, distance, bearing, picture etc.


Try using the ruler to measure distances and bearings between points on the map. Drag and drop the green and red pins to select the end points. A long hold on a pin will make it draggable. Zoom in if it proves difficult to select one of the end pins.

Lock Position

Experiment with toggling between centring on your current position or showing the compass display. Tap once to lock the center of the map to your current location - dragging the map in this mode turns it off too (but not when compass is showing). Tapping the button again will show a compass rose, and pressing again will clear the location lock. See Compass mode in Settings for selecting Bearing, Course up or North up compass display.

Help and Settings

Now try out some of the optional settings.

Manage Map Layers

You can choose what information to show on the map; Buoys, Lights, Depth contours, Depth soundings, Wrecks, Rocks, Anchorage areas, NOAA Weather Buoys, Traffic Separation zones etc. Turn off layers to de-clutter the display and only show what is important at the time. You can set the maximum depth to display details at in Advanced Settings - Max Display Depth :- 20m, 50m or All.

N.B. To see individual Depth soundings and Sea bed area types you need to zoom in to 1:20,000 or better.

Display mode

Select map, satellite or hybrid map overlays. By default, Depth overlays are not shown in satellite mode to allow satellite image details to be seen. Depth contours are still displayed. You can manually turn the Depth overlays back on when in Satellite mode. Depth Overlays are automatically defaulted to show when back in Normal mode.

Compass mode

When the compass is on the map display will rotate with either your bearing (i.e. the direction you are pointing your device), your course or be locked to showing North up. Course up means the map will orient in line with your boats course over ground.

Learning more and getting Help

There are lots of more great features in the app to try out. Read our in-app User Guide or browse it on-line : User Guide.

N.B. Demo mode can also be used to try out SeaNav's Pebble smartwatch support if you have one and our Simrad, Lowrance and B&G GoFree support.

How do I contact you with Suggestions and Questions?

We're always happy to hear your ideas on how we should improve our products - please send an email to

Anything Else?

Pocket Mariner have other great apps for iPhone and Android- if you're a fan of SeaNav you are sure to enjoy apps like Boat Beacon which provides real time Marine AIS ship position receive and transmit and Compass Eye the first fully Gimballed iPhone Bearing compass with zoom and overlaid gps information.

And finally, you may like to know that Pocket Mariner can develop mobile applications for your company - if you have a project you'd like to discuss, please email us at